Cultural exhibitions

From 4 August to 11 September, the images of the most iconic Formula 1 cars will be available to the public of enthusiasts thanks to the ROSSO photographic exhibition, organized on the occasion of Autolook Week.

The shots of the greatest photographers of world motorsport, who have told its story, will be exhibited in Via Po and in Piazza San Carlo. Among them: Actualfoto, Bernard Asset, Cristiano Barni, Hasan Bratic, Max Campi, Ercole Colombo, Roger Dixon, Filippo Di Mario, Jean Francois Galeron, Jiri Kranek, Miguel Liso, Manrico Martella, Peter Nygaard, Mario Renzi, Guido Alberto Rossi, Jose Maria Rubio, Atsuo Sakurai, Rainer Schlegelmich.

On Monday 4 September, on the occasion of the Autolook Awards, the ROSSO photographic exhibition was on display and visible inside the OGR, more precisely in the Foyer.