Autolook Awards

Autolook Awards are created to emphasize the concept of racing cars as a refined form of communication,awarding teams and sponsors not for their sport achievements, but for their communication strategies, always prevalent in motorsports.

Famous liveries, commercials, advertising campaigns, great initiatives realized by manufacturers who participated to every world motorsport championship were analyzed by a committee of professionals, as Formula 1 journalists and motorsport exponents, made by:

The second edition of the Autolook Awards was held on Monday 4 September at the OGR Torino, a special awards ceremony presented by SKY journalist Federica Masolin and enriched by the presence of the greats who have made sports cars modern palettes, artistic vehicles and rapid advertising messages.

During the Autolook Awards ceremony, the Evolution conference was held, which addressed the technical evolution of Formula 1 over the years: Paolo D'Alessio, curator of the Awards and of the Evolution photographic exhibition, and the Eng. Giorgio Stirano.

On the sidelines of the conference, the photographic exhibition Evolution, which illustrated the technical development and stylistic evolution of single-seaters in the queen category of world motor racing, from 1950 to 2023.